Las Margaritas to Renovate South Location

Photos by Las Margaritas 

Las Margaritas Mexican Bar and Grill announced it is making some changes to the Corporate Lake location in Columbia. According to its social media page, exciting things are on the way for this location.

Angel Gallegos, manager of the south location, says right now they are in the process of changing out the floor along with the colors of the space. “We went from maroon walls to blue and white, and from black floors to brown,” he says. But that’s not all, as Gallegos says the plan is to change out all the tables and chairs, along with the ceiling in the next couple of weeks. Gallegos says the goal is for the whole project to be completed by April.

According to its social media post, Las Margaritas is hoping customers will be patient with the process. “While we go through renovations, please excuse our mess and our goal is to continue serving you without any interruptions,” the post says. “We are excited to make these changes in order to create a better experience for you.”

Las Margaritas has three locations in Columbia, including its north location at 5614 E St. Charles Road, suite E, the downtown location at 220 S. Eighth St., and the Corporate Lake south location at 10 Southhampton Drive. For more information on Las Margaritas, click here.