The Boone County Historical Society is a 93-year-old organization and has been collecting historical artifacts for 40 years. The 5,000 square foot exhibit space is home to many of these artifacts, some of which have been donated to the society. But you won’t just get to take a peek into the past here, you’ll also get to hear it. Concerts on Blind Boone’s custom piano are regularly played for the public. The Boone County Historical Society continues to nurture reverence for antiquity in generations young and old.

“Every community needs a repository where not just things can be stored, but where culture can be preserved. We produce programing that allows the community to see, hear or touch the history and the culture. One example is a fourth grade outreach program that we’ve done at a few dozen schools called the inventors of the traveling trunk. We actually bring into the classroom an antique trunk filled with 19th century artifacts that we let the kids touch and pass around,” says Director Chris Campbell.

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