Faces of Columbia

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The Face Of Engineering

Timothy Devaney, team leader at McClure, has always enjoyed science, history and the outdoors. Growing up in Boone County, Devaney and his brothers would spend their time exploring and learning together on the family farm. That’s when his passion for the outdoors sparked.“Surveying is a profession that allows for me to combine these fascinations daily,” […]

Faces - Phyllis Nichols

The Face of Homeowners Insurance

Being able to change people’s lives is something Phyllis Nichols is able to do on a daily basis as a State FarmInsurance agent. Whether someone is going through a tragedy or just needs a personalized quote, Nichols will give customers the support they need. To have someone that you can trust in a variety of […]

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The Face of Healthy Pets

Dr. Travis Arndt has never imagined himself as anything other than a veterinarian. Now the medical director at My Zoo Animal Hospital, he spends his days helping solve problems that allow each pet to be healthier and live better. “There is usually more than one way to treat an illness,” he says. That’s why he’s […]

Dr. Michael Ryan of Missouri Vein Care

The Face of Vein Care

After living with his own vein condition, Dr. Michael Ryan, cardiovascular surgeon and vein care specialist at Missouri Vein Care, truly understands the relief that can be felt after receiving vein treatment. “I lived with my own vein condition for 20 years and knew how much pain and discomfort is associated with it,” he says. […]