Little Stories, Big Journey

With “Mongolian Interior: An Expatriate Experience,” a collection of creative nonfiction stories, Lori Younker has joined Columbia’s growing list of published authors. As an educator specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), Younker is invested in both the English language and cultural exchange. Her writing has benefited from her involvement with the Columbia […]

PaddleMO Celebrates Missouri River Country

The floating season doesn’t end with the Labor Day weekend. Fall can be the most beautiful time of year to be out on Missouri’s rivers and streams. A case in point is PaddleMO, a 100-mile journey on the Missouri River held in late September, when the weather is still warm but not scorchingly hot and […]

Words and Silence

Columbia’s William (Bill) Claassen encapsulates a unique paradox of silence and volume. He speaks gently of yoga, meditation, monastic retreats and the therapeutic benefits of movement and dance. “I prefer silence,” says Claassen. Yet, energy and excitement shimmer on his face — even his silence is not so quiet. Perhaps the volume of Claassen’s quietude […]

The Art of Truth

When studying the rich tapestry of Columbia’s writing community, Steve Weinberg is a repeating pattern. His threads are integral, colorful and diverse. With over four decades of journalism experience, Weinberg has created a solid foundation in the field. Weinberg obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the Missouri School of Journalism at the University […]

“The Call of Chaos”

Columbia is filled with many residents who have an idea for a book. What makes Columbia unique is the percentage of people who invest in their idea all the way through to publication. Sean Frazier is a new addition to that ever-growing statistic with his first title, “The Call of Chaos (The Forgotten Years: Book […]

Hammock Time

Just in time for springtime hammock reading, Prospect Park Books has released “The Good Byline: A Riley Ellison Mystery,” by Jill Orr. The light, humorous mystery deserves a weekend session of fresh air. Author Jill Orr knew what she wanted to provide her audience. “I wrote the kind of book that I like to read,” […]

Growing Pains

Alex George is a busy man. Author, attorney, husband and father, George is also the director and founder of Columbia’s Unbound Book Festival. As the festival approaches, it promises to be a stellar second-year event ( George has the additional adventure of promoting his newest novel, “Setting Free the Kites,” which is already gathering recognition […]

Exercising Their Retirement Options

Chuck and JoAnn Wilson are sitting together at 10:30 a.m. in the living room of their villa at Old Hawthorne. Their dogs, Dotty and Coali, are lying down nearby. Outside, a brisk winter wind is blowing across part of the golf course that is their backyard. Somewhere in Columbia, people are complaining about the gray […]

Intertwined Universes

Rachel Hall and Joseph Polacco do not know one another, yet their intertwined universes are undeniable. Both are celebrating recent publications. Hall is gaining recognition for Heirlooms, a collection of expertly crafted short stories that tell a rich multi-generational history of Jewish survival and identity. Vina: A Brooklyn Memoir is Polacco’s loving tribute to his […]

Mindful Eating

Lynn Rossy, Ph.D. wants us to take a moment. And, if we are being honest, we could really use it. Each of us has stressors, distracting us and pulling our focus away from our day-to-day lives. In particular, our relationship with food suffers from this lack of attention, says Rossy, author of The Mindfulness-Based Eating […]

Cooking For Books

photos by of L.G. Patterson In April of 2016, the inaugural Unbound Book Festival filled Columbia with bookish enthusiasm. From the keynote event at the Missouri Theatre, where Mark Doty chatted casually with Michael Ondaatje in front of a packed house, to the following day when Stephens College was peppered with authors, panels and crowds, […]