Nicole Schroeder

Local Author to Self-Publish First Book

Photo by L.G. Patterson Nicole Schroeder is not shy about describing herself as a bookworm. Surrounded by books since she could read, it’s no surprise the 24-year-old Columbia native has never had any doubt about the career she would one day pursue. “I don’t even remember when it was I first decided I wanted to be […]

The Big Tree in McBaine

A Truly Columbian Bucket List: Local Author Details 100 Things to do in New Book

If you’ve ever struggled to figure out the best things to do in Columbia on a Friday or Saturday night, there’s a new book for you. 100 Things to Do in Columbia, Missouri, Before You Die by local author Stephen Paul Sayers provides a bucket list of activities, sights and iconic traditions to explore in […]

Local Author’s Debut Book Of Poetry Confronts Difficult Past

Photo By: L.G. Patterson Lynne Jensen Lampe’s debut poetry collection revolves around one topic: her relationship with her late mother. Many of us can claim complicated relationships with one or both parents, but Lampe’s experience was shaped by the medical landscape of the late 1950s and ‘60s. And her first book, Talk Smack to a […]

Alex Demczak

Local Author’s Latest Book Outlines Strategies to Achieve Goals

Photos by L.G. Patterson Alex Demczak knows firsthand the power of a really good motivational speech. While attending the University of Missouri, the former walk-on quarterback met best-selling author and speaker Jon Gordon, who was brought in to speak to the Tigers on occasion. Demczak says he connected with Gordon’s message and the two stayed […]

Banned/challenged books

Skylark Offers New Subscription to Support Freedom to Read

Photos by L.G. Patterson The freedom to read is something that’s held particularly dear at Skylark Bookshop. So when reports of banned and challenged books began to increase, staff members took note. Just last year, there were more than 700 reported book challenges in the United States, according to the American Library Association’s annual State […]

Kathleen Basi

Local Author’s Debut Novel Tells Unconventional Tale

Photos by L.G. Patterson With summer comes vacation, which for some can mean loading up the car with suitcases and snacks, and hitting the road with loved ones. Local author Kathleen Basi’s debut novel, A Song for the Road, tells the story of an unconventional cross-country road trip that becomes a journey of discovery. After all, she […]

Unbound Returns In-Person, Moves Downtown

Photos submitted Seven years ago, Alex George founded the Unbound Book Festival with the mission of bringing together readers and writers to create diverse communities, exposing participants to new ideas and authors. Since then, it has grown to become a nationally recognized literary festival, right in the heart of Missouri. Unbound brings together authors of […]

The Connection of Food and Culture

Photos by L.G. Patterson Growing up, Nina Mukerjee Furstenau was raised between two cultures. As a toddler, her family left India and immigrated to Chicago and then to Pittsburg, Kansas. While her parents spoke Bengali at home, Furstenau otherwise had a typical Midwest upbringing, with summers spent playing softball and going to county fairs. So […]

Alex George holds a copy of Melissa Scholes Young's book, The Hive

A Sense of Community

Just three years ago Skylark Bookshop opened its doors with a plan to do more than just sell books. Their purpose was to build community within their walls. That’s why Alex George, owner of Skylark and a novelist, started planning for a book club at the local, independent downtown bookstore back in 2020. He envisioned […]

Rush of Opportunity

Photos by LG Patterson What do the University of Missouri’s president and a fiction novel about the California gold rush have in common? A writer named Gordy Sauer. As Mun Choi’s speech writer and an about-to-be-published author, Sauer believes fiction and speech writing have a lot of parallels. “Speech writing is for someone, so you […]

A Man of Mystery

Local author Kevin Doyle is living a double life. But, unlike the characters in mystery and detective novels like the ones he writes, his second identity isn’t a secret.

Birds of a Feather

John Faaborg’s love of birds took flight early on. “My brother took me birding when I was 7 years old and I was hooked for life,” he says. “The excitement of being able to identify birds was one of the first things that drew me in, then . . .

Finding Humor in Aging

JILL ORR’S NEWEST RELEASE EXAMINE INTERGENERATIONAL ALCHEMY. Jill Orr, formerly solely a mystery-genre writer, decided to step out of her comfort zone this fall and launch a new humor non-fiction gift book, How Not to Be Old (Even if You Are). Orr’s first foray into the world of humorous books explores how those across different […]

Adam & Eve Meet 2020

A book of prose poems that was first imagined and contributed to over 15 years ago is now coming to fruition. Mid-Missourian Walter Bargen, one of Missouri’s former poet laureates, is publishing his 24th book this August. The prose poetry book, Pole Dancing in the Night Club of God focuses on well-known Biblical characters in […]

An Age Imagined

“You’ll think of The Paris Hours for many hours after you’ve finished it, haunted by its shocking ending.” Paris in the 1920s was a magnet magnifique, attracting all manner of artists, both acclaimed and aspiring. It hosted the likes of literary legends such as Ernest Hemingway, Marcel Proust and Gertrude Stein, musicians such as composer […]

Northernmost by Peter Geye

Peter Geye is so thrilled we’re talking about snow. It’s mid-February, his hometown of Minneapolis is enjoying a balmy mid-30-degree day, and unlike most of us curmudgeons praying for sunlight he’s not exactly ecstatic the winds are starting to change. Spring is fine. Spring is spring. But winter? Winter is where every story seems to […]

Everywhere You Don’t Belong

Claude McKay Love isn’t sure what he’s doing in Columbia, Missouri. The protagonist of Gabriel Bump’s gut-punch of a debut novel, Everywhere You Don’t Belong, Claude knows nothing of Missouri. His world revolves around Chicago’s South Side — specifically Euclid Avenue, where Bump himself once spent his mornings walking to the Jeffrey Local bus stop, […]

Story Support

You’re a writer in Columbia. You’re still waiting on that six-figure advance, but you’ve been writing, so that makes you a writer, right? Yet no matter your experience level, chances are you’re doing the bulk of this writing at a desk in the corner, alone. You probably like it this way. You want room to […]

Phong Nguyen’s Roundabout

You might not notice at first. But screw up your vision, then peer a little closer at the cover of Phong Nguyen’s new novel, Roundabout. You’ll see it: The letter “e” in his last name is a faint, hazy gray, just a few shades darker than the white font that sandwiches it. Seems a simple […]

Nothing More Dangerous

In 1963, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. finished the final sermons that would become Strength to Love, a literary masterpiece in its own right, but also the first book of sermons by an African-American preacher to be widely distributed to a white audience. Written in part while King served time in a jail cell […]