Embracing The Flavors of Fall

Photos by L.G. Patterson  No matter the season, some of the best memories are made with food. But the flavors of fall are something special. To help you discover new recipes and flavors this season, we assembled a section of desserts, from local shops’ signature sweets to in-house recipes. So, whether you prefer getting your […]

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Local Author Dives Into the History of Disability Rights in America

Photo by L.G Patterson Sean Spence has always had a passion for writing. Though he had dreams of being a professional novelist, Spence later learned that his skills were more attuned to nonfiction work. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in history, he first thought he would pursue a career […]

Truman the Tiger rides into a Mizzou tailgate.

Tailgate Traditions in the SEC

For more than a century, tailgating has been inextricably linked to football. And any diehard University of Missouri Tiger fan knows that it is an essential part of the whole experience. From hearing the familiar chants of M-I-Z, and of course yelling back Z-O-U, to the standard sight of Truman’s Taxi, the vintage firetruck that carries Truman around Faurot […]

Cooper's Landing is a perfect spot to enjoy the Missouri River scenery.

Respites Along the River

Photos by L.G. Patterson Who doesn’t love a good day spent by the river? Whether you’re planning to swim, kayak, fish or just enjoy the scenery, one of the joys of living in central Missouri is the easy access to the Missouri River. And when you’re out and about on a river adventure, it’s always fun to […]

Walking with a stroller

Songs for Your Next Stroll Around the Neighborhood

WELCOME TO OUR ULTIMATE LISTS! In each issue, you will find a curated selection of things to listen to or watch, put together by either an on-air talent from Zimmer Communications or a member of the Inside Columbia staff. For this issue, Liz from Clear99 shared her ultimate playlist for pushing a stroller around the […]

Nail art

Stylish Sets to Suit Your Nails

Styled by Madelyn Jones | Photos by L.G. Patterson Nail art is all the rage right now. From detailed designs that look like tiny masterpieces to more subdued colors and styles, the summer nail trends have a wide range of styles from which to choose. And that’s always a good thing since what works for one […]

Club Car Wash

Best of Columbia 2023

Photos by L.G. Patterson The results are finally in! After thousands (and thousands!) of nominations and votes, we are ready to present the very Best of Columbia. Below, you’ll find the winners in a wide variety of categories, from Best Burger to Best Festival or Annual Event. This year, thanks to readers like you, we received […]

coopers landing

23 Things to do in Summer ’23

Photos by L.G Patterson & Ava Kitzi The summer sun is out and it’s time to enjoy all the perks that come with this beloved season. So, we’ve rounded up 23 essential summer activities to do before fall arrives.Whether you’re a lifelong Columbia resident or a new transplant to our community, we’re sure you’ll find […]

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Local Teacher, Author Pens Fiction Inspired By Husband’s Stroke

Photos by L.G Patterson When a loved one is suddenly hit with a medical crisis, it can upend everything. But for local author Elaine Strawn, such a crisis also helped inspire a new novel. Strawn’s latest novel, Strokewaves, was inspired by her own experience after her husband suffered a catastrophic stroke two years ago, shaking […]

Rock climbing

The Thrill Seekers Guide to Mid-Missouri

Photos by Ava Kitzi There’s nothing quite like getting your adrenaline pumping. Suddenly, you’re completely in the moment as a mix of fear and anticipation takes over. For some people, this particular rush is beyond addicting. So they seek it out in a variety of ways, from scary movies to thrill-seeking activities designed to get your […]

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - courtesy of Prime Video and Philippe Antonello

A Laugh Riot: 5 Shows That Are Sure to Make You Smile

Photo courtesy of Prime Video and Philippe Antonello WELCOME TO OUR ULTIMATE LISTS! In each issue, you will find a curated selection of things to listen to or watch, put together by either an on-air talent from Zimmer Communications or a member of the Inside Columbia staff. For this issue, Editor Madeleine Leroux has shared […]

organize clutter

Get Organized with these Five Steps to Clear the Clutter

Having an organized space can make or break your productivity, stress level and overall well-being. But knowing where to start can be a challenge. Bonnie Hudson, founder of Beyond Organized MO, LLC, says organizing a space not only creates balance, but it allows people to regain control of their lives. “You will be more focused […]

DiningOut Belly market

Local Market and Rotisserie Takes Over Columbia Staple

Photo by L.G. Patterson Food is part of so many traditions. It helps us celebrate love and loss, and fills your belly with comfort after a long day. That’s the goal of Belly Market & Rotisserie in south Columbia. Benjamin Hamrah and Amanda Elliot, co-owners of Belly Market, created a one-stop-shop for people to enjoy […]

Sherie Rodekohr makes a floral arrangement.

Creating Your Own Floral Arrangement

Photos by L.G. Patterson Nothing freshens up a space quite like fresh flowers. Whether it’s a centerpiece meant to grab attention or a simple tableside arrangement to add a pop of color, flowers can make all the difference in any room. Sherie Rodekohr has spent her entire career in horticulture, with more than 30 years teaching […]


Local Author Tackles Ancient Vietnam Legend In New Book

Photo by L.G. Patterson  Phong Nguyen has known for a long time that he wanted to tell the story of the Trung sisters. Well, at least a version of it. The story of the Trung sisters is well known in Vietnamese culture. It tells the true tale of ancient warrior sisters, Trung Trac and Trung […]


Stephanie Lanham Turns Passion For Animals Into a Career

Photo by L.G. Patterson  While her love for animals has always been there, Stephanie Lanham did not always plan to work at an animal shelter. Now the operations manager at the Central Missouri Humane Society, Lanham stumbled upon her dream job just after graduating from the University ofMissouri in 2008. “I was looking for a […]

A Trek Through The Coffee Scene

Photos by L.G. Patterson Some days, we all could use an extra boost. For those of us who crave caffeine, there are moments where nothing can beat that perfect cup, whether it’s coffee, espresso or tea. And there’s plenty of options when it comes to where to enjoy that satisfying sip, each with its own […]

Cutest Pet Winner Loki

Meet Columbia’s Cutest Pets

Photos by L.G. Patterson Meet four of Columbia’s cutest pets. How do we know? You helped us pick! We sought out the most adorable animals to feature in our pages and received hundreds of entries of dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and even one zebu. (Unfamiliar? So were we. It’s a form of cattle.) Suffice to […]

Nicole Schroeder

Local Author to Self-Publish First Book

Photo by L.G. Patterson Nicole Schroeder is not shy about describing herself as a bookworm. Surrounded by books since she could read, it’s no surprise the 24-year-old Columbia native has never had any doubt about the career she would one day pursue. “I don’t even remember when it was I first decided I wanted to be […]


Hard Rockin’ Work: 5 Songs to Help you be Productive

WELCOME TO OUR ULTIMATE LISTS! In each issue, you will find a curated selection of things to listen to or watch, put together by either an on-air talent from Zimmer Communications or a member of the Inside Columbia staff. For this issue, Trevor Morgan shared his ultimate playlist for working in his garage. Click this […]