Fitness Transition

The end of summer signifies several transitions: the start of the new school year, diminishing sunlight and the last time you might be able to indulge in that classic smell of chlorine by the poolside for at least another year. The crisp fall air, sightings of colorful and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and the red […]

Silver Lining

In 2017, Jennifer Hecker began noticing fatigue and pain in her leg. With a little massage, it would go away, so she dismissed it as perhaps a developing cardiovascular issue or diabetes. The pain began to migrate to her arms — first her left, then the right — so she scheduled a physical with her […]

Eating Out

Eating out is an integral part of our culture. In fact, it is synonymous with celebrations, long and hectic work schedules, or a quick fix when a fast-food run allows for time with family. When eating out is inevitable, knowing where to look for healthy alternatives will help you stay in the vicinity of the […]

Mirage Or Paradise

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disorder, celiac disease, or have been following social media accounts that claim going gluten-free is a magic pill for weight loss, the pros and cons of a gluten-free diet vary. Before you embark on a gluten-free lifestyle, it’s worth gaining an understanding of the many facets of gluten […]

The Sunshine Vitamin

The festive season may have come to an end, but winter is just getting started and plans to stick around for a few months. Many use January to atone for two months of indulgent holiday eating and refocus on health goals. One in three Americans will make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, but […]

Healthy Holidays

Holidays traditionally imply joyous times and celebrations with family and friends. However, with the holidays comes the stress of managing chores such as shopping, decorating the house and juggling professional and personal commitments. One of the most stressful phenomenon associated with celebratory times is managing your nutritional goals, while still being able to indulge in […]

CoMo Moves

photos by L.G. Patterson Aerial Arts The setup for an aerial arts class looks more like a circus performance than a gym scene. No weights, no equipment, just long streams of silk fabric cascading from the ceiling. But it would be wrong to say that it’s one or the other, says CoMO aerial arts member […]

How to Choose a Physical Therapist

Physical therapy focuses on treating musculoskeletal disorders. One goal of physical therapists is to alleviate pain in their patients. In patients with back pain, physical therapy helps to strengthen the core muscles in their back, which adds to a person’s overall wellness. Ultimately, physical therapists strive to restore the patient’s total functional abilities. Most patients […]