Food & Drink

Sixth Street Success

Back in 2008, MU student Brian Coley was a man with a plan. “I had always worked in restaurants when I was in school,” says Brian Coley, the owner of Coley’s American Bistro. “After my first year of college, I switched my major to hotel and restaurant management with the end goal being to one […]

The Candy Factory

A stroll to the corner of Seventh Street and Cherry is a yearly pre-Valentine’s Day ritual for many Columbians, determined to get their loved ones chocolate-covered strawberries. The tradition continues this month, and is one of those seasonal pilgrimages that help define our community. What follows is a look at the family that has kept […]

Winter Warmer

Not your ordinary hot chocolate… Enjoy this winter-inspired drink for a salted and caramelized white hot chocolate.  

A New Take On Chili

Take a break from the high acid of tomato chili with white chicken chili, which has many of the same flavor profiles and spice, but adds a whole new dimension to an old favorite. MEAT You can use ground chicken or turkey, but there is something about chunks of stewed chicken that makes the chili. […]

Pairing Robust Reds

Living with a chef whose creative inspiration comes from our heirloom garden, I realize our everyday meals might be a bit different than yours. But what I bet we have in common is the urge to indulge in robust dishes that are warm and stick with you as you move through these cold winter months. […]

Two For The Road

HyChi When it comes to convenient and delicious Chinese food, many Columbians have high praise for HyVee. Now the brick-and-mortar HyVee stores have gone mobile, thanks to HyChi, HyVee’s Chinese food truck, which rolled out last September. HyChi manager Scott Jose says there are four HyChi trucks in other states, but that Columbia has the […]

Sour Beer? You bet.

Jon Whitaker is a certified cicerone and Beer Program Director at International Tap House in Kansas City, Mo.  If you want to talk about what’s hot right now, we need to discuss sour-forward beers. Beers ranging anywhere from tart and refreshing to mouth-puckering, enamel-on-your-teeth-reducing sour. Bear in mind that some of these beers will be […]