Candy Cane Crib Changes Location For This Year’s Celebration

There are a few holiday traditions throughout Columbia that many of us look forward to each year. But this year, one community favorite will look a bit different.

The Candy Cane Crib typically lights up the holiday nights at Logboat Brewing Co. Since the business is still in the process of renovations, the bright spectacle had to look for a new home this year, says Ryan Schultz, owner of the Candy Cane Crib. “Rose Music Hall came to us and is going to host us this year,” Schultz says. The outdoor display consisting of 200,000 lights is set to shine from Dec. 2-31.

It won’t be the Candy Cane Crib’s first move. The light show originally began at Schultz’s home in 2009, where it was held until 2017. “It was a display that started at my house,” he says. “I just did it for fun and it grew throughout the years.” Schultz says he began the elaborate lights to try and create something special for local families to build traditions around, just like he did as a child. “I wanted to create something families could come to every year during the holidays,” he says.

Since moving to Logboat five years ago, Schultz says the crib has become more of a community event. “When it was at my house, it was more personal. I was out in the driveway talking to people, but now we have different kinds of events that can hold more people,” Schultz says. “We wanted to get it on a bigger scale.”

That has included incorporating other activities into the Candy Cane Crib, such as nights to meet Santa Claus or even the Grinch. Since expanding to Logboat, Schultz says they’ve also been able to hold raffle nights with donated local goodies.

While the main Candy Cane Crib event will be taking place at Rose Music Hall this year, other displays of 30,000 lights each will sparkle throughout the area. The duo most recently added Pierpont General Store to its rounds of smaller light displays, but that’s not the end of the list. Shiloh’s Bar & Grill has an exterior display and, for a change of pace, Harpo’s Bar & Grill is lit inside. Schultz and his partner Taylor Dalton, also light up about 250 residential houses a year along with other corporate buildings. “We do a lot of other big jobs, as well as the residential lighting,” Schultz says. “That’s why we start the process in October.”

But for those who look forward to the display at Logboat, don’t worry. Schultz plans to return to the brewery next year with an even bigger display.