Inside Columbia

Drew Lock Profile

In the visiting locker room of Reynolds Razorback Stadium, after nearly four hours of battle on the field, Lock found a moment of peace with Beckner and Coach Barry Odom. All three had done their parts to secure a 48-45 Missouri win over Arkansas, the Tigers’ third in the past four years over their rivals. […]

Jontay Porter Profile

Last summer, Jontay Porter was preparing for his senior year of high school. His family had moved back to Columbia from Seattle after the additions of his father, Michael, to Martin’s assistant coaching staff and his brother, Michael Jr., to the Tigers’ roster. Jontay faced a choice: maintain course and play his senior year of […]

Steak Savvy

Do you know your rib-eyes from your T-bones? Take our quiz to see how much of a steak connoisseur you are.      

Heather Brown

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT –  Heather Brown began her military career being sworn into service by her mother, an active duty captain in the United States Army Reserve. Through her eight years, Brown worked as a Civil Affairs Specialist, taking on numerous responsibilities as she aimed to win the hearts and minds of foreign nationals. At […]

Robert Ross

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Robert Ross retired after serving 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. He spent three of those years in the infantry, and the remaining 17 in public affairs. He was stationed both in the U.S. and in Japan. During his service, Ross was awarded numerous medals: the Meritorius Service medal, Navy […]

Devara Brock

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT –   Devara Brock served her country for many years in the Army, repairing top secret communication equipment. She says the highlight of her military career was being deployed to Saudi Arabia. Brock enjoys learning about other cultures and their traditions, and says that the best place she had the opportunity to […]

Joseph Blanton

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT-   Joseph “Jo Jo” Blanton served in the Army as a 91E-Allied Trade Specialist, stationed in Kosovo, Germany. He is currently in the Reserve/Guard.   Blanton is a highly decorated veteran, a two-time recipient of the Army Achievement Medal and numerous other distinctions. If he were advising members of the younger generation […]

Faces Behind the Places

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Brian Buchheit never intended to go into the family business. As a child, Buchheit’s father, All Star Automotive owner Bob Buchheit, would bring him to work on Saturdays as a way to spend time together. Those Saturdays spent at the automotive repair shop left an impact on Buchheit, and he soon […]

Salute to Local Veterans March

Springfield, Missouri-born Scott Buis served in the Army for four years and four months. During that time as a network switching systems operator and maintainer, Buis was stationed at Fort Huachuca in Arizona and Camp Red Cloud in South Korea. In fact, Buis was in South Korea on September 11, 2001, during the attacks on […]

Faces Behind The Places

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Veronica Herzing was discovered by her profession. Before she joined her husband at Fortified Roofing and Siding, Herzing worked for the state for 20 years. Herzing knew her experience and skills would be an asset to her husband as they began planning the details of their business. In the early stages, […]

Faces Behind The Places

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Justin Riley is a legacy at Dryer’s Shoe Store. His grandfather and Dryer’s founder, Newton Riley, taught him from an early age how to be a sucessful businessman and treat customers with gratitude and respect. Learning the family business as a kid, Riley earned 10 cents for each pair of work […]

Faces Behind The Places

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Lisa Byrd has worked as a nurse and a family nurse practitioner in cardiovascular surgery for Missouri Heart Center for the past 19 years. Throughout that time, she has assisted Dr. Richard Mellitt with cardiac and thoracic surgeries while also providing postoperative care for each patient. While Lisa’s work carries much […]

Faces Behind The Places

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Kenda Bond never intended to have a career in the automotive industry. Twenty years ago, Bond met fate when she started with All Star Automotive, and instantly hit it off with the owner, Bob Buchheit, and her coworkers who made her feel at home. Once she interacted with the customers, Bond […]

Faces Behind The Places

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Veterans United Home Loans has a huge heart for veterans in our community. So much, in fact, that two employees, Joan Govero and James Chapman, have led the way in their commitment and passion for making a difference through Welcome Home. Govero spends her days helping veteran buyers purchase homes and […]

Finding Beetle Bailey

Inside the University of Missouri Student Center, the walls of Mort’s in The Shack restaurant are covered in carvings. Generations of MU students and graduates have left their mark on the wood panels. The dining establishment, which opened in 2011, is inspired by The Shack, a popular campus hangout that operated on and off between […]

Faces Behind The Places

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Dr. Richard Mellitt has been a vascular surgeon with the Missouri Heart Center for 18 years. As its names suggests, the practice specializes in cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery. He feels the center has one of the best heart surgery programs in the Midwest. Mellitt was inspired to enter the medical […]

Faces Behind The Places

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – Amy Briscoe discovered her passion for helping customers find proper fitting shoes at a young age. When Briscoe went on shopping trips with her mother, she didn’t follow her siblings to the toy department Instead her mom would find her exploring the shoe section – a sign of things to come. […]

A Wild Ride

    The bass line hits, the high hat snaps and the speakers rattle. A high-pitched, airy voice cuts through, grabs the ear and never lets go. “Ooh I’m a rebel just for kicks now.” Portugal. The Man may have just hit the pinnacle of their career with the smash “Feel It Still,” but if […]

Faces Behind The Places

– PROMOTIONAL CONTENT – For Tim Rich, serving others is a way of life. Born into The Salvation Army as a home church, Rich was a third-generation member of the organization and spent many holiday seasons working the Red Kettles with his family. In 1984, Rich’s work with The Salvation Army brought him to Columbia […]

Salute to Local Veterans February

Hickman High School graduate Star Cathcart served eight years in the Marine Corps as an FA-18 aviation electronics technician. While in the service, Cathcart was stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California, outside of San Diego and also deployed on the aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz from December 2007 to May 2008. Through […]