A New View: Cutest Pets Contest Winners

Assignment: Cutest Pets Contest winners

The Location: Zimmer Communications

Photographing animals can be easy, fun and challenging. For this issue of Inside Columbia magazine, I got the opportunity to take photos of a cat (easy), two dogs (fun) and a ferret (challenging). Surprisingly, the cat was mellow and regal. She sat on her perch watching me and giving me her best runway model look — a really pleasant creature.

The dogs were timid and pretty well trained. They ran all over my studio sniffing the ground, looking for the treats we had used to entice them to pose. While the flashing of my lights freaked them out a bit, they settled down as they got some love by the magazine staff in the room.

The ferret was a different story. While he wore his bow tie nicely, he didn’t wantto strike a pose for me at all. The only thing he was interested in showing me was his tail. While trying to get him to look my direction by offering a treat, his tongue shot out between his surprisingly large teeth and startled us all. It was unusual and unexpected. The cats and dogs were fun, but I am a bit confused about ferrets. I can’t tell if they are more like cats or rats.