January 19, 2022

Water You Waiting For?

Have you ever thought, “I care about the environment, but I’m just one person! What can I possibly do to help the plants and animals in my community?” Then learn about one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s key tools for educating citizens: its “How’s My Waterway” webcast today, Jan. 20, from 1-2:30 p.m. “How’s My […]

The Vaccine Scene

As of Jan. 19, the city’s COVID tracker/update reported there were 3,298 active COVID cases in Boone County. MU Health Care, Boone Health, Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services and local pharmacies are working together to vaccinate our community based on guidance from county, state and federal health officials. There are three vaccine clinics […]

Hear A Superlative Singer-Songwriter

Patty Griffin is among the most consequential singer-songwriters of her generation, a quintessentially American artist whose wide-ranging catalog of work incisively explores the intimate moments and universal emotions that bind us together.  Over the course of two decades, the GRAMMY® Award winner – and seven-time nominee – has crafted nine classic studio albums and two […]

Fresh Air And Fresh Produce

If one of your resolutions was to eat a healthier diet, plan a trip to the Columbia Farmers Market this Saturday. The market is open inside the MU Health Care Pavilion from 9 a.m.-noon. Get out and get some fresh air and fresh produce. The selection varies by season but often includes fruits and veggies, […]

Cat/Camel And … Puppy?

Yes! There’s a puppy yoga event Saturday, Jan. 22, at 1:30 p.m., at Lizzie & Rocco’s Green Meadows location. They’re partnering with Sarah’s Studio and Second Chance to help you  stretch your limbs, open up your chest and possibly open up your heart. What’s better than downward dog with a dog? Spend some time with […]

Stock Up For Spring

We featured Victory Gardeners and its owner Laura Flacks-Narrol in our May/June 2021 issue of Inside Columbia magazine. Sadly, we’ve learned that they will not be growing any plants this season, due to a variety of factors, including a need for more economic stability and restrictive neighborhood regulations. Instead, the business is having a seed […]