Chef’s Choice

When you go out to a restaurant, there’s an assortment of delicious dishes to try. But what do the chefs consider their personal favorite creations? Chefs Mark Sulltrop with 44 Stone and 44 Canteen and Amanda Elliott with Beet Box share their beloved dishes and the secrets to the success of the dish. Mark Sulltrop […]

Step Into Style and Back In Time

Like a movie-set built for a 1940s Hollywood film, the Chatol House and Gardens (pronounced Sha-tall) in Centralia preserves the look and feel of another era. Guests passing through its doors find themselves stepping back to a time when movie screens were lit with scenes of glamour and elegance. Unlike the Hollywood fantasies, The Chatol […]

Cute Cuts

Now that you’ve turned 50, do you find yourself questioning what hairstyle you can pull off? We’ve found there’s no limit to the looks women can pull off. And when it comes to short hairstyles, try mixing it up and experimenting with fun new looks that will suit you. Stacey Dexter, owner and stylist at […]

Asking the Hard Questions

So, you’re considering retirement or have very recently retired. Naturally, you begin to wonder where your paycheck will come from each month now that you are no longer employed. A close friend suggests an annuity, while another says you should never put your money there. Who’s right? Is an annuity a good choice for your […]

Food and Wine Pairings

Traminette It is a white wine with both floral and fruity aromas. The semi-sweet taste of the wine cuts through the heat of many spicy dishes. It pairs wonderfully with Asian dishes, curry, fresh fruit, shrimp, Cajun, garlic and cheeses like Munster and gorgonzola. Noboleis Vineyards in Augusta, MO was recognized for best Traminette at […]

Budget Bottles

Have you ever wandered down the wine aisle at the grocery store, seen bottles advertised for “Only $7.99!” and felt wary of the quality of said wine? Or, have you had to choose between two more expensive bottles of wine, but didn’t know which was better? If you answered yes to either of those questions, […]

Dining Deals

A good deal is hard to pass up, especially when it’s a 12-ounce strip steak for less than $11. Yes, you read that correctly. Who says good food has to break the bank? We’ve rounded up the best dining deals in Columbia — including bottles of Portuguese wine for under $10 and $5 brick-oven pizzas […]

Autumn Festivals

Cooler temperatures and low humidity combine to create perfect weather in mid-Missouri during September and October. Celebrate the bounties of the season with art shows and festivals. Whether you are looking for a new piece of art to brighten your home or office, or a pumpkin or a mum plant to embrace the season, there’s […]

Yoga for All

The ancient practice of yoga is a powerful tool for holistic stress management, often practiced with the intention to integrate the mind, body and soul. Though it sounds effortless, often it can be a major challenge to take even just five minutes to pause, be still and pay attention to your body. Taking a pose […]

Cuisine Culture

A lime-green storefront on East Broadway pops against a sea of brick and tan buildings in downtown Columbia. The Herrera family opened Paleteria El Tajín, a Mexican ice cream shop, in August at 923 E. Broadway. Since moving to Columbia in 2006 from Veracruz, Mexico, the Herreras felt that the city was missing an authentic […]

Enduring Elegance

Jeremy and Jessica Spillman may have lived in their house in the Vineyards for four years, but you certainly can’t tell. The reason? It keeps evolving — at least partly because of Jeremy’s profession as the owner of Spillman Homes. The Spillmans built their home in 2015 and after nine months moved in with their […]

The Immortal Force

Stephen Paul Sayers became a bestselling author on the dare of a teenager — specifically, the prodding of his own daughter. An associate professor of physical therapy in the School of Health Professions at MU, Sayers didn’t seem a natural candidate for the role of supernatural thriller writer. But something about the look in his […]

Potsticker Paradise

Just about every culture has some type of dumpling. They range from elaborate fillings with intricate folds, to seasoned clumps of dough with no filling. Dumplings can be steamed, fried or cooked in soup. The potsticker combines the best of both worlds — the dumplings are pan-fried until they stick to the pot or pan […]

Fiercely Fashionable

Tailgate gear doesn’t have to be made of spandex or nylon, and it certainly doesn’t need to say “Mizzou” on it. For a classier tailgate look, pair either black, white or blue jeans with different MU-colored blouses and tops, such as leopard print or gold. Complete your look with black or gold earrings — there’s […]

Cracking the College Conundrum

Melanie Prather Studer was sick of what she didn’t know. The Columbia native and mother of three sons had just successfully shuttled her eldest into his first year of high school, and already she could feel the pressures of college, ever-present but impossible to pinpoint so early on. What would be the smartest career move […]

Hot Smoked Salmon

It’s the best time of year to grill and smoke meat — and it’s currently in the middle of the wild Alaskan salmon season (April through September). Salmon is great grilled, baked, poached, broiled and cured, but my favorite is hot smoked. It does take a little planning, including 10 minutes in the morning to […]

Excelsior Springs

As the dog days of August arrive, it’s a good time to seek an out-of-town getaway that offers a final fling of summer. Or maybe you’re thinking ahead about a ghostly Halloween outing or a Dickens-y holiday excursion. Take a look at Excelsior Springs, located northeast of Kansas City on Highway 10, about a two-hour […]

Patio Perfection

The pleasure of “dining out” is magnified when it happens literally.  Enjoy our warmer weather by dining al fresco at one of Columbia’s 40-plus restaurant and bar patios. There’s a patio for every occasion, from happy hour to date night. To aid you in your search, we’ve profiled five of Columbian’s favorite outdoor places to […]

Getting Back to School in Style

Summer is winding down and it’s time to think about sending your kids back to school. What are the latest fall trends in school for every age group? Elementary school models Ava and Lily Neyens show off their sweet style, while middle-schoolers Carley Bieser and Carter Bremer put their best foot forward. Kennedy Flanner and […]

Touchdown Tipple

During the summer heat, beer or wine can seem too heavy, especially when you’re tailgating in the sun all day. The solution? A creative cocktail. We spoke with three of Columbia’s bartenders to get the low-down on the best mixed drinks to tailgate with. Create these cocktails prior to heading to your tailgate spot, or […]