The Bam is Back

Since the day rumors started to fly about the possible return of Bambino’s Italian Restaurant, taste buds all over Columbia have been patiently waiting for what they thought would never happen again — a bowl of delicious Pasta ala Bambino. Thank goodness the rumors were true. If you don’t have plans for dinner tonight, the […]

You Don’t Know Bolognese

You have probably had Pasta Bolognese, a simple sauce on pasta. But do you really know what goes in it? It can be as complicated or as simple as you want. The recipe below is middle-of-the-road and has some options to take or leave. It is a hearty meat sauce with some tomato — not […]

Crewless from Seattle

You don’t see this every day, not on a Midwest neighborhood side street. Riding my bicycle home from the MKT Trail, I cut through one of Columbia’s stately old neighborhoods, a sweet spot tucked behind Garth and Rollins streets, populated by 80-year-old trees and the professors who planted them. The streets are quiet, more bicycles […]

A Tailgate to Remember

I was born the son of two hippie parents and raised on a farm in between Hallsville and Centralia. When I use the term “hippie,” I don’t mean it in the stereotypical drug-induced flower power way. My parents were social activists who saw things like professional sports as distractions from real issues that we needed […]

Two are better than one

Kayla McDowell and Cam Michael exchanged wedding vows June 2 at Firestone Baars Chapel on the Stephens College campus. The couple met in 2015 in Colorado at an Ultimate Training Camp where they both worked as interns. They became friends on the second day of camp. Kayla said they pretty much spent every free moment […]

Citizen Soldier

One of the victims, who had to be extricated from the car, was taken to a hospital by a Staff for Life helicopter. He sustained serious injuries and was taken by Staff for Life helicopter for treatment. Traffic came to a standstill on Highway 5, as a Staff for Life helicopter landed on the highway, […]

Best of Columbia 2017

Columbia’s home to a whole host of wonderful stores and services, and we asked you for your favorites. The votes have been tallied and we’re pleased to present the winners in the final category of our 2017 Best of Columbia contest: Shopping and Services. You really bought into all the fun and told us your […]

No pumpkin? No problem.

For years the craft beer industry has been focused on making sure the market is flooded with piles of traditional Oktoberfest/Marzens and a wide array pumpkin ales. While I can’t speak any ill will towards some of the great choices that are among the aforementioned styles, diversity and choice are always welcome. Either way, there’s […]

Art With Heart

Art enhances our lives in many intangible ways. But for one weekend this month, it will help enhance the lives of countless Columbians in a very tangible way, thanks to the Fall Into Art showcase. Free and open to the public, Fall Into Art combines art, music and education with fundraising for The Food Bank […]

Art Onstage and Off

The November entertainment calendar in any college town is bound to be a little lopsided. There’s usually a flurry of shows and activities during the first few weeks before things quiet down following the Thanksgiving egress. Quietly, though, since nature abhors a vacuum, comes the influx of prodigal BoCoMo natives to gather with family and […]

Searching for Justice

One of the least popular pieces of mail to receive, next to bills, is the official summons for jury duty. Despite the disdain for this civic responsibility, there’s no denying that courtroom dramas have been a mainstay of entertainment for generations. Sixty years ago, “12 Angry Men” arrived in theaters and captivated audiences with its […]

Damage Control

One October morning a little after 6 a.m., a yellow Mercedes-Benz weighed down with thousands of pounds of explosives drove through the five foot-high barrier of concertina wire surrounding the Beirut International Airport. This rather large facility was where the United States Multinational Force was headquartered, providing shelter to more than 350 military personnel. As […]

Darkow Draws

We’re Stealing Back Christmas

Someone has tried to steal Christmas from area kids and families. We’re asking you to help us make things right, as Y107 is “Stealing Back Christmas”. Our hearts are broken upon hearing the news that not one, but two different storage units belonging to local community serving organizations were broken into. Both were in Fulton, Mo. […]

History and Classical Beauty Shape a Wedding

Allyn arrived at their supposedly empty home after an 11-hour drive, slung her bags over her shoulder and climbed the stairs. And there was Todd, clasping flowers, Pink Floyd playing in the background, phone set to record his proposal, which you can watch on Vimeo.com/169635163. The venues for the wedding and reception combined Todd’s interest […]

Transforming Lives

A small workshop in a quiet industrial district in Columbia turns beggars into business entrepreneurs. Take the case of Ernesto, a Guatemalan who contracted polio at the age of 7 and spent most of his life crawling through the streets. Mobility Worldwide provided Ernesto with a PET — a Personal Energy Transportation unit — that […]

Meet Your Maker

Time. It’s an elusive resource most of us can’t seem to catch enough of. And what’s even more elusive than time? Patience — a virtue seemingly lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life. We move from one thing to the next in a heartbeat, our focus often split between two screens. We want […]

Red at the Ready

Photo courtesy of L.G. Patterson Eating and drinking according to the season is great for your body. Of course, this means eating vegetables that are currently growing in your garden or at your local farms, but it also means changing cooking techniques and portion sizes as your body adjusts throughout the year or even the […]

October Outings

Sadly, the ever-fabulous Lupus Chili Festival will not be held this year. There is no shortage of October festivals in mid-Missouri (Fayette, Hartsburg and Fulton to name a few, not to mention Stephens College’s Citizen Jane Film Festival) but this decades old, still seemingly ad-hoc gathering in transpontine Moniteau County holds a special place in […]

Managing the Magic

Meagan O’Neil counts cash for a customer at Central Bank of Boone County. Unfolding each of the bills, she smiles politely and makes small talk about the weather. Meagan is the epitome of professionalism. She’s organized, intelligent and friendly, making her a spectacular spokesperson to greet people as they enter the bank. Despite her career […]