June 2017

Boost Employee Morale

Every employer wants his or her team to work well together. Working toward a shared goal is one of the best ways to encourage bonding between your employees. And sometimes, you just have to kick back and have fun to really get people to open up. From fun to competitive, and at a variety of […]

Keeping The Pipeline Full

photos by L.G. Patterson Warmer weather is conducive to the construction of new buildings, roads and infrastructure, and the stakeholders coming together for the summer CEO roundtable at the Broadway Hotel are the designers, builders and growers of the Columbia community. Inside Columbia Publisher Fred Parry welcomes the group to the luncheon that features Broadway […]

COU Reaches New Heights

December 31, 2007 – (Columbia Mo) – Columbia Regional Airport – CLOSED. As a result of continued declines in passenger numbers and the inability to secure a reliable air service provider, the City of Columbia will close Columbia Regional Airport effective immediately. This was a headline and story that almost was. At the height of […]

Team Building

The team’s the thing. Although nothing can replace excellent management skills and a respectful work environment, more and more companies are getting their employees out of the office and into team building experiences. Their aim is to create strong teams, composed of people who trust each other and who enjoy working together. But before deciding […]

Beth Maddox: Trading Paths – From MD to GC

Photos by L.G. Patterson Had Beth Maddox followed her college career path, she’d be wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope draped around her neck. She’d probably be a resident physician at a local hospital preparing to become a board-certified member of Columbia’s vast medical community. Her name would be embroidered across the pocket […]

Homebrew Fest 2017

Jon Whitaker is a certified cicerone and Beer Program Director at International Tap House in Kansas City, Mo. What’s your favorite style of beer? Think about it for a second. Are you an IPA person? Wheat beer? Sour beer? Stout, porter, saison? Chances are, whatever beer it is that you really enjoy was inspired in […]

Heating up with Rosé

I once heard “when roses bloom, it’s time to drink rosé.” I think about this every spring, and I feel a tug to drink the pretty pink stuff, especially since spring has warmed the ground and the heat of summer is right around the corner. Last month I wrote about pairing wine with grilled foods. […]

Shop the Farmers Market Like a Boss

I recently went on holiday with some old friends and it quickly became apparent why we were so close. Besides being crazy about food and how our families could share our meals together, we were also market obsessed. Farmers market, that is. We couldn’t miss any chance to be in an open-air market with farmers, […]

“Your Eyes Close With My Dreams”

photos by Scott Patrick Myers Photography Michelle Richmond and Jordan Lamb exchanged wedding vows October 1, 2016, in a clearing surrounded by woods. A nearby log cabin provided the couple with a quiet place for a “first look.” Rather than having groomsmen and bridesmaids, everyone in attendance were attendants. Michelle and Jordan met through mutual […]

Three Shoe Styles To Try This Summer

Warm weather naturally makes us want to wear lighter outfits, and this includes shoes. Sure, flip-flops might be your go-to, but admit it, they’re not the best solution for all day wear. Read on to learn what three summer shoe styles, under $100, Arches Footwear recommends you consider. We’ve also helped you out with an […]

Thai For Two

Kittikoon “Chef Kitt” Chompupong, owner of the Thip Thai restaurant at 904 E. Broadway, has good reason to smile. He now has a second Thip Thai location at 3907 Peachtree Drive. He opened the original Thip Thai in January of 2013 and the new location last November. He got his start in his parents’ Thai […]

“Stage Kiss”

One of the most common questions an actor gets asked aside from “How do you memorize all those lines?” is “Did you really have to kiss?” The answer, depending on the actor, is equal parts hilarious as it is impossibly awkward. This month, Talking Horse Productions presents the comedy “Stage Kiss” by Sarah Ruhl, which […]

The Art of Truth

When studying the rich tapestry of Columbia’s writing community, Steve Weinberg is a repeating pattern. His threads are integral, colorful and diverse. With over four decades of journalism experience, Weinberg has created a solid foundation in the field. Weinberg obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the Missouri School of Journalism at the University […]

CoMo Loves Backyard Chickens

Photos by L.G. Patterson With the quality of our food becoming less and less assured, health conscious individuals are considering alternatives to the food supply their families are consuming. Many urban dwellers have introduced vegetable gardens in their backyards. Some are going a step further by starting their own flock of chickens. YUMMY AND HEALTHIER […]

Deck Redux

A distant howl pierces through the darkness. Christi peaks her head out of the sliding door in the kitchen to call for the family dog, Pepper. The night falls silent. Concerned that Pepper has found herself following her nose into a neighbor’s yard, Christi heads outside to the porch to call her in. Under her […]

Fairy Tale Wedding Comes True

photos by  Moonshadow Studio photography Kristen Elizabeth Cassidy and Schuyler Paul Blevins were wed October 8, 2016, in a ceremony straight out of a Disney fairytale. Kristen had been planning details of the day since she was a child, but she didn’t know then that Prince Charming would turn out to be the boy she […]

Lights Out

Columbia area residents are fortunate to be smack-dab in the middle of the path of totality, in which the moon blots out the sun totally, turning day into night. The eclipse will begin around 11:45 a.m., reaching totality around 1:12 p.m. for a period of almost three minutes. The partial eclipse will continue until about […]

Farewell Chuck Berry

“While no individual can be said to have invented rock and roll, Chuck Berry comes the closest of any single figure to being the one who put all the essential pieces together. It was his particular genius to graft country and western guitar licks onto a rhythm and blues chassis in his very first single, […]

Garden Survival Guide

Sure, they may be off to a great start, but for some veggies, the plant’s work is really just beginning. Here are some hints to make sure you have some of the biggest and the most delicious vegetables in Boone County: Tomatoes: It takes a lot of nutrients to make those big juicy fruits! Make […]

A New View: Out and About

Assignment: Out and About The Location: Near Twin Lakes Park I  grew up near a small pond that lurked about 200 yards through densely wooded terrain. I spent summers of my youth hanging out in those woods and fishing that pond with buddies who lived in the neighborhood. That area seemed endless, but we all […]