Visitors & Newcomers

Decoding Dreams

Columbia’s School of Metaphysics prepares for its 26th annual National Dream Hotline.

Best of Columbia 2014

Inside Columbia readers choose their favorite people and places of the year!

Movie Madness

Finding Truth

Come Back, Peggy Jean!

A Columbia favorite makes a triumphant return.

Columbia, The Beautiful

Our city is filled with architectural gems. You just need to know where to look.

Story Time

Discover seven local children’s book authors and the magic behind their pages.

The Chicago Way

A young rapper delivers a positive message to Columbia this month.

Enhance Your Finance

Polish your fiscal vocabulary with these 15 terms every investor should know.

Semper Fi

Miracle Marine John McClellan’s Journey Back From The Brink Of Death

Almeta Crayton

“I see the world differently.”

While You Were Away …

A Columbia family struggles to recover after an out-of-control party.