The Charge(r) To The Finish

Taking care of those final wedding details.

Omigosh, it’s getting so close! Bridesmaids dresses have been selected…funny I told them they could each pick their own style, and they still ended up with the same dress! Tuxes are still on the agenda. I think the florist was shocked when she asked if I wanted my bouquet to feature different flowers than the bridesmaid’s bouquets and I asked her if there were actually brides who cared. I mean, I want it to be beautiful, but I know her work and it’s always fabulous, so details—shmetails.

I think the most exciting find lately was chocolate brown chargers. I haven’t found too many people yet as excited about them as I am, but I think they are going to set the tables off perfectly. My brother said, “You mean like those wicker holders for paper plates? You need a plate to set your plate on?” And my fiance Aaron has already made use of one. I was out of town and he was warming up Mexican. He was taking advantage of my not being there to eat in bed and got his plate too hot to sit on his lap. So, he went out to the garage and grabbed a charger: Problem solved.

I spent most of a day washing and shining Ball jars and insulators that will be used in the centerpieces and as lanterns. I thought, “I wonder what Great Grandma would think of me using her old jars at my wedding?” and decided she would be impressed with my thriftiness. I found paper lanterns online in the perfect colors. I wonder who is going to hang them all?

Envelopes are addressed and just waiting for invitations, hot off the press, to be stuffed. Honeymoon is booked: Puerto Vallarta, here we come! I am having a terrible time finding just the right blue shoes. And, am looking forward to tomorrow’s shower. Hope I don’t get too many hand-painted Santa mugs … oh, the stories you hear!

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Apr 15, 2013 10:28 pm
 Posted by  VCIBNB

We had a country chic wedding here at Victorian Country Inn with the mason jars and LED lights twinkling at nite at our gazebo and lit up runway. Our country setting is perfect for a small intimate wedding or local honeymoon suite in the BnB.
Barb Spencer
Wedding planner

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