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A Recap Of The Happiest Day Of My Life

It was a beautiful fall day filled with love, joy and plenty of humor.

Oct. 20, 2012 … our wedding day. It came and went in the blink of an eye and holds so many fabulous memories. It was the sort of beautiful fall day I envisioned when I hoped for a fall wedding. We ladies began our day at the Peuster family home that I renovated before Aaron and I met. My talented cousin and future sister-in-law arranged our hair while aunts and cousins assisted with preparations. Dad arrived to see me in my dress ahead of time, the photographer was on hand, and before I knew it, it was time to head to the church. One of my favorite parts of the day was the moment Aaron and I had to ourselves in the sanctuary when we saw each other for the first time in all our wedding finery.

A flurry of family photos followed and then it was time … Sybil, Leigh Ann, and I were squirreled away in the church kitchen with my dad keeping an eye on arrivals and seating of honored guests. I remember walking down the aisle, focused on Aaron, and don’t even remember seeing the guests. The pastor added a bag of props to the ceremony that Aaron, true to form, pointed out wasn’t rehearsed and Sybil saved the pastor’s sleeve from being lit on fire by the unity candle during a particularly animated portion of the sermon. The ceremony lasted about 45 minutes and I’m glad; it gave me time to remember it. There were fun moments, serious moments, and touching moments.

On Tuesday afternoon, I said the rehearsal site was ready enough that we could have the party the next day. Then, my mom and aunts continued to tweak it for three days. It was perfect and that is saying something coming from a person with an eye for imperfections. Aaron and I arrived at the reception in Dad’s yellow corvette. On the way, we worried about our waltz, which we had been practicing vigilantly for weeks, and we executed it quite expertly to our delight. Our cake, which was a gift from my cousin, was gorgeous, my dance with dad to Willie’s “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground,” was poignant, and pictures from the dance floor as the evening wore on are priceless. One of the highlights of the evening was awarding Aaron’s grandparents (married 60 years) and my grandparents (married 55 years) with a bouquet and garter at the completion of the married couples’ dance.

I am glad I have literally thousands of pictures that captured the day. It is so fun to see moments captured I wasn’t privy to that day. Here’s looking forward to many more special moments from now to forever.

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