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My Wedding Story

The Journey From Engagement To The Aisle

T-Shirts, Wine & Wedding Planning

A casual engagement kicks off a big year of change for bride-to-be (and our new blogger!) Ana Stock.


The Final Countdown

Chicken, Pork or Steak? How about all 3!

Hold the Chocolate Please

What To Leave To Vendors And What To DIY

Anne Churchill divulges her wedding crafts and discusses the benefits of not doing everything yourself.


Showered in Chicago

Bride-to-be and wedding planner extraordinaire Anne Churchill walks us through her Chicago wedding shower.


Black Friday (Cyber Monday) Bride


Planning Ahead Is Really Paying Off

The perks of being a planner


Our Wedding Website

Anne Churchill reveals how she crafted her wedding's digital presence


The Groom's Wedding Plan

Anne Churchill's fiancé Wes Hanks takes over the bridal blog with his thoughts on the big day