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White After Labor Day

Our style blogger tells you how to transition the color white into fall.

You might be wondering if it’s all right to wear white after Labor Day, and I think it's about time you got your answer. White is a neutral, staple color that can be paired with a multitude of other colors. Not being able to wear white is devastating for your style. White can be worn after Labor Day with the right colors, fabrics and shades to make this controversial color appropriate for any season. Go ahead; take a risk.

If it’s light, then flight. Pick fabrics that are appropriate for the fall and winter weather by straying from lightweight and sheer fabrics. Picking pieces that have a little more weight to them, such as cashmere and heavy cotton, will not only keep you warm, but will also look less breezy and summery.

Don’t white it out. Stay away from wearing an all-white outfit; this will help your outfit to look less like the beginning of summer and more like a casual ease into fall. Pairing a white article of clothing with colored jeans or a season-appropriate sweater can offset that summery look that white can bring.

Be shady: Instead of stark white, try hues within the white palette. Think 50 shades of white and veer toward cream, ivory and off-white hues. These colors will give white a bit of a softer look for the upcoming colder months. Team a cream colored sweater with some brown leather boots for the coolest of casual looks.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize: Adding accessories like scarves, jewelry, and tights can help to both liven up and tone down a stark white piece of clothing. Look for accessories that really liven up an outfit that are fun and flirty, but also look for colors that are complementary to the season, such as greens, browns, mustard yellow, navy blue and violet.

Rock It! Wearing white after Labor Day can be a bold choice, but wearing it with confidence will let others know that your style is not a seasonal faux pas but an intended, confident fashion selection.

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