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Jan 31, 201308:20 AMA Brown Bag's Guide To The Good Life

Why I Prefer Italians

Jan 31, 2013 - 08:20 AM
Why I Prefer Italians

As in anything, if you’ve sampled more than your share, you tend to develop a broad knowledge, as well as a strong opinion and inclination towards specific “types.”

Not to brag, but over the years - I believe I’ve had some of the best. Yes, I’ve managed to sip, slurp and swallow my way through many glasses, bottles, magnums and mason jars of some great varietals of wine. I must further confess that out of all the wine available from numerous, notable regions throughout the nation and the world, I prefer the taste, finish and lack of aftermath found in wines crafted in Northern Italy.

Having personally traveled to these romantic, remote vineyards where generations of families have tended to the earth, the vines and the fruit with such loving care, I think I drive my husband crazy searching through labels for specific regions on the myriad Italians displayed for purchase at my favorite wine shops. Sure, I could pick up a lower priced bottle, but the value of a Northern Italian wine created by a small family vineyard is the very real and, in my mind, can’t be measured by price point.

Italian wines that are produced in the Veneto region, an area with rolling hills, ancient dolomites and rushing rivers, are generally lower in tannins, sulfites and CO2. Another benefit to drinking a Northern Italian is that these wines are primarily created in steel vats; this is great news for those of us with strange allergic reactions to oak, allowing us to sip (or slurp) with confidence. Did I mention that, unlike French Champagne, Northern Italian Prosecco contains no added sugar? Very strict laws on that in Italy!

Don’t get me wrong, I feel quite blessed to live in Missouri. In fact, more often than not, I like to wrap my hot little hands around a big bottle of bold Norton. However, when I want a wine or something bubbly to enjoy with nearly everything, but without the morning-after headache, I always prefer an Italian.

Here's a video I shot during our 2011 visit with the wine-making Cavazza family in Italy:

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